Needle Felting

  • 12-inch (30cm) x 4 colors of wool roving or sliver 

We are using 100% pure New Zealand Corriedale wool sliver.

Merino wool top is too fine for this project. 

🌿💡 EcoMaker tip: source local sustainably produced non-mulesed wool.

Dye your own wool and felted objects using eco-friendly natural dye processes. 



  • 1 x LED sequin

  • uncoated silver or copper wire (length: 50cm, gauge:0.2mm or 30SP)

🌿💡 EcoMaker tip: use copper wire stripped from an old audio cable. 

  • 3V battery: coin, AA, AAA, or Lipo (rechargeable is ideal) with matching battery holder, with or without a switch

  • Alligator clips to connect wires to battery (optional)


  • Felting foam or mat

🌿💡 EcoMaker tip: use 100% wool felted mats or plant-based (corn or soy) foams.

  • 38 star or triangle felting needle 

Both needles work well for bulk sculpting work and finer detail. *EcoMaker tip: extend the life of your needles by preventing needle breakage. Poke gently into the mat, just touch the surface, don’t punch deeply into the foam/mat. 

  • Single needle holder (optional)

🌿💡 EcoMaker tip: use holders made from biodegradable and sustainably harvested materials such as wood. 

  • Finger cots/protectors (optional)

🌿💡 EcoMaker tip: make your own finger cots by upcycling old rubber or leather gloves.

  • Sewing needle

  • Scissors