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We hear all sorts of sounds generated by the surrounding natural environment that tell us about the seasonal changes, bird migration, or weather changes. Listening to the sounds of the natural world helps us engage with it at a deeper level, prompting us to reconsider the relationship between the human and non-human worlds. 


This workshop shows you how to create a hand-embroidered fabric speaker using upcycled textiles and e-waste materials, which can be used to create sound-based artworks for domestic or gallery spaces.   


We will discuss with plant biologists, botanists, and ecologists how we can listen in on the conversations between trees and fungi (known as wood-wide-web), and explore how plants communicate through vibration. 


We will also open up a dialogue with economists and experts on the building of a circular economy, discussing topics such as e-waste recycling and fabric and garment recycling.


SPEAKERS: Rachelle Balez, PhD Candidate, Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, University of Wollongong,

Dr Tilman Boeheme, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law,

Makrita Solitei, PhD Candidate, School of Management, Operations and Marketing, University of Wollongong,

Professor Sharon Robinson, Executive Director of the Global Challenges Program, Senior Professor in Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health.


DIFFICULTY:  Easy - Intermediate

COST: Free