What is Ecomakers?

Ecomakers is a research project funded by UOW’s Global Challenges Keystone program. With its parent project, Future Makers, this research explores how community connections can be facilitated by making activities through knowledge sharing and hands-on learning.


Ecomakers offers a series of public workshops delivered at UOW Makerspace with the aim to extend the makerspace philosophy to foster making and thinking guided by environmental sustainability principles. 

What is the purpose of this research?

The research objective is to find out whether the art and craft-based learning approaches employed in the workshops have any impacts on participants’ attitudes towards environmental sustainability, and if so, what these changes in attitudes may be.  

Where are the workshops being held?

The workshops will be held at the UOW Makerspace located at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation campus in the Science Space, Squires Way, North Wollongong NSW 2500

How do I sign up?

Visit www.ecomakers.net/research. You will need to complete a survey before you sign up. 


What am I signing up for?

You will sign up for at least one 3-hour workshop. You will be asked to complete two surveys that will take approximately 10 minutes each, one as you sign up and the other after you complete the workshop. You can also opt for a 30-minute (maximum) video interview. 

What is the cost of the workshop?

The workshops are free. You will be provided with the materials and tools.

How many workshops can I sign up for?

You can sign up for 1 of each workshop, this will be a maximum of 3 workshops. 

Do I need to have existing skills to participate in the workshops?

You do not need to have any existing craft skills or knowledge in electronics – simply an interest in making, working in makerspaces, and/or the themes explored in these workshops. 

What happens at the workshop?

You will be provided with the required materials and receive hands-on instructions. The workshops will incorporate discussions between artists and scientists on the scientific and artistic concepts related to what is being made, how it is being made, during making.

Why are the workshops recorded? And what will the recordings be used for?

Video recordings of the workshops aim to provide a general overview of the sessions for research purposes. The recordings will capture discussions and interactions between the participants and the facilitators, rather than on individuals. Participants in the recordings will not be identified by names. 

The audio-visual recordings of each workshop will be used for the purpose of documentation and evaluation of data. Footage may also be used for the promotion of the project and UOW Makerspace.

Do I have to consent to be recorded on video during the workshops?

Yes, consenting to be recorded is one of the conditions of participation.

You will be asked to complete a consent form before the beginning of the workshop. 


If I sign up for the workshops, do I have to participate in the post-project video interview?

No, participation in video interviews after the workshop is entirely optional.

What if I want to withdraw my participation in the workshop, survey, and/or video interview?

If you wish to withdraw from participating in the workshop after sign-up, please send us an email at least 48 hours beforehand. 

If you have already participated in the workshop and wish to discontinue your participation, have all of your survey results removed you will need to send us an email within 1 month after the workshop you attended.

If you have consented to have a video interview and decide to withdraw, you need to send us an email at ecomakers@uow.edu.au within 1 month after the interview.

Does participating in the surveys mean my personal information will be retained?

No, the coded surveys will be anonymous and will not identify you by name unless you wish to do so. 

Your contact information will be used solely for the purpose of the project and will not be distributed or shared outside this project. Only the researchers have access to project information and collected data. 


All data relating to the project will be kept in secured storage at UOW for the duration of the project plus 5 years.


Will the results of the study be shared with participants?

The analysed data including answers, feedback, and comments from these surveys will be included in published journal articles and conference paper presentations. 


If your image appears in a written publication or a video, you will be notified once the presentation/ publication is completed. If an image of you is in a publication or if verbatim quotes are used and you have consented to be identified by name, you will have the opportunity to view the writing.


Will there be any social media groups where we can share what we made/learned?

On Instagram and Facebook follow the hashtag #ecomakersuow and tag the UOW Makerspace instagram page @uow_makerspace